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CUT: Interacting with Autism

Interacting with Autism, a  multimedia online resource for autism, has launched!

I edited two of the projects in the series , and I am thankful I could be a part of such a mindful project. During the official launch, parents and professionals would comment on how powerful and helpful the website is.  Congrats to the team!

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Social Skills Group | Directed by Mark Harris

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Is part of the “treatment” portion of the site, which demonstrates the top therapies that exist for Autism.

This piece demonstrates the effects of 10 weeks of ABA, behavioral based social skill groups, therapy can have on young kids with autism.

Just by watching the dailies I was at awe at the possibilities.

[button link=”http://www.interactingwithautism.com/section/treating/abasoc” size=”small” target=”self”] Watch “Social Skills Group” here![/button]


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Education | Directed by Lori Webster

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Part of the “Living With” portion of the site, this piece covers an overview of the educational options parents have and the rights of their children within the educational system.

[button link=” http://www.interactingwithautism.com/section/living/education” size=”small” target=”self”] Watch “Education” here![/button]

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