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ACTION: “The World You Want to See” PSA – COMING SOON

In a collaboration between CounterPoint Films and IEEE (the world’s largest professional association for the advancement of technology), I directed a PSA which features​ young minds who express hopes​ for the future alongside established engineers who are innovating to create this improved, more connected world.

The motivation behind ​this upcoming PSA is to inspire kids and teens to explore careers ​in engineering (STEM)​, an industry which has the potential to solve some of the world’s largest problems.

​I was blessed with access to leading minds at Sony/Imageworks ​including: 1) Michael Kurinsky, production designer/lead artist of Hotel Transylvania 2 –and 2) ​ Lee Curtis, an engineer at Imageworks who is responsible to advancing the technologies that make the vibrant and magical animations a reality.

Our journey also led us to USC’s Institute of Creative Technologies, where Paul Debevec (Scientific and Engineering Academy Award® winner for his work on the Light Stage systems) shows us the pulse and influence of Virtual Reality. Through Paul Debevec and our interviews with the kids, we are exposed to how virtual reality is beyond entertainment, and is a tool enter different worlds and find empathy to others. With this empathy, they imagine it can lead to a more understanding and peaceful world.

Wow. It is electrifying to see what our future minds foresee, and what today’s integration of science and arts can create.

PSA coming soon to social media near, and all around, you.